The First Cannabis Conference In Central America

The first Central American cannabis conference, CannaCosta 2015, took place on June 6-7 at the Ministry of Culture in San Jose. The event brought together experts from Costa Rica and across the world to discuss the benefits of medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Doctors, scientists, politicians, caregivers, and activists provided valuable insights on how Costa Rica can most effectively use cannabis to improve the health of its people and the strength of its economy.

CannaCosta 2015 – Day 1

Overview of Medical Cannabis

Hundreds of people arrived on the first day and heard how cannabis is being used abroad. Speakers discussed the use of cannabis extracts to treat neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis as well as aggressive forms of brain and breast cancer.

CannaCosta 2015 – Day 2

Industrial Hemp Benefits and Further Applications of Medical Cannabis

The second day featured information on the incredible benefits of industrial hemp, which can be used as food, fiber, fuel, paper, building materials, and more. The history and future of medical cannabis was also discussed.