Giselle Amador M.D. – Medical Cannabis as a Therapeutic Option In Costa Rica – CannaCosta 2015

Dr. Giselle Amador Muñoz is an addiction specialist in Costa Rica. She had been against the use of cannabis for most of her career, but now supports its use as a medicine. She has seen how it can improve the quality of life for many patients. Of great importance, Dr. Muñoz recognizes how cannabis can save lives by reducing or eliminating opiate consumption for many patients with chronic pain. Many such patients accidentally overdose on opiates even when taken as prescribed. However, cannabis is also very effective against pain, but has no risk of fatal overdose. Dr. Muñoz also noted that Costa Rican citizens are already using medical cannabis and physicians are already recommending it. To most effectively help people and provide the highest quality medicine, cannabis needs to be regulated. As things stand, legitimate patients are being arrested and dying in jail, which is unacceptable.